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Boom! Lose the latin and stand out with PAHU!

Lose that boring old latin ‘lorem ipsum’ and beautify your layouts with te reo Māori - the living and vibrant indigenous language of Aotearoa New Zealand.
Give your design some meaning (mean Māori mean!) and stand out from the crowd by introducing te reo to your work and the rest of the world!
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How to use PAHU!

It’s simple to get ‘safe for work’ te reo Māori for your layouts:

1. Choose the story you like best – we’ve given you a few cool options
2. Choose your language – there’s both Māori and English so you know what you’ve got
3. Use that Copy Text button for as much text as you can see and paste it where you want... Boom!

Pro Tip: “Show More” does just that! keep pressing ‘til you’ve got enough!

The PAHU! story

As creatives we’re always dropping latin placeholder text into designs – ‘lorem ipsum’ has been the design industry standard since the 1500s. We decided it was time to change things up and give designers the chance to add the magic of the Māori language to their creations.

The Māori people are the indigenous people of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Famous for their creativity, innovation and oratory prowess the ‘reo’ or voice of Māori is undergoing a modern renaissance and fast becoming a ‘must-have’ language around the world (listen carefully to the Na'vi language in the Avatar movie).

It’s no coincidence that we’re launching Pahu! during New Zealand’s 2013 Māori language week (Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori). We’re supporting the kaupapa and showing that it’s cool to korero. This is step one of our Pahu! journey - we’ll be adding more stories and options for macronisation as we evolve. To learn more about te reo check out www.maoridictionary.co.nz.

The team behind PAHU!

We're three creative agencies - working collaboratively across our beautiful country of Aotearoa, New Zealand. We’re brand and design strategists, creators and thinkers fortunate enough to work with commercial, government and startup organisations who all want to stamp their mark on the world.

We’re obsessed with innovation and creative geekery and in the true spirit of manaakitanga, we’ve decided to give a little something back to the design community and help promote our amazing Māori culture, language and country.
We’re a creative agency focused on creating great brand-led customer experiences – regardless of technology, channel or location. Our philosophy is simple – the experience is everything – so whether you’re creating a business strategy, a visual identity, a website, a complex digital interaction or a business process, the experience should be easy, pragmatic, enjoyable and rewarding.

We’re based in Wellington (the best little capital in the world) and proudly whakapapa to the Tainui and Te Arawa waka. We’re building a Māori design practice within our company and Pahu! is a representation of our commitment to making things happen.

WAHA are true artisans of Māori marketing, branding, communication and business development strategies. We offer a range of production elements such as dynamic Māori visuals, music, design and web products to motivate audiences.

Translated, WAHA means Mouth. Without breath there is no life, and our focus is in creating strong lasting relationships with our clients – fully understanding their business, history, and direction.

Fix Creative is a Wellington-based agency that works with Non-profit and Māori organisations throughout Aotearoa. We specialise in branding, print and web design, but can turn our hand to almost anything our clients throw our way. Our no fuss, easy going attitude sets us apart from other agencies. And it’s that approach that keeps our clients coming back for more.

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